How to disable an open DNS resolver?

An open DNS resolver has a serious risk of abuse for DNS amplification and reflection attacks. Therefore, we don't allow that a DNS server is used for an open resolver. If you run a DNS server on our VPS hosting, you should disable the open recursive resolver function.

If you use BIND for running a DNS server, please modify the configuration file /etc/named.conf according to the following instructions.

options {
        recursion no;
        additional-from-cache no;
        allow-query { none; };
# You may replace "localhost" with trusted CIDR blocks.
acl "internal" {
view "internal" in {
      match-clients { internal; };
      allow-query { internal; };
      recursion yes;
      additional-from-cache yes;
# You may add the zones of your domain names to the view "external". 
view "external" in {
      match-clients { any; };
      allow-query { any; };
      recursion no;
      additional-from-cache no;
      zone "" {
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