Why is my order blocked and marked as "Fraud"?

For abuse prevention, we strictly check every order through two steps: MaxMind fraud check, and manual review if necessary.

In order to pass MaxMind fraud check, you should give true contact information, and submit an order through your true IP address.

Here are some tips.

  • Don't use a proxy, a VPN or other methods which hide your true IP address.
  • Your address should be spelled exactly in English.
  • In some countries, for example in China, you should type the name of your province in the option "State/Region". About the use of Chinese Pinyin, for example, if you are from Beijing, in the option "City" you should type "Beijing" , instead of "Bei jing".
  • In the options "City" and "State/Region", don't include the word "city", "state", "region" or "province".
  • Your zip code should be correct.
  • Your telephone number should include country code and area code.

Your order will be blocked if it can't pass MaxMind fraud check. Please correct your information and then submit a new order. If your order is still blocked and you believe that it is mistakenly blocked, you may submit a ticket with detailed explanation and necessary proofs.

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