Do you offer data rescue service?

Because our VPS hosting is unmanaged service, we don't offer technical support for data rescue. If the current system on your VPS hosting can boot, you may log in the system via VNC for solving configuration problems. You also can boot your VPS hosting to Rescue Mode or boot it from an ISO image, and try to fix the system and rescue data.

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Do you offer managed services?

No, we do not offer managed services.

Can I get extra IPv4 addresses?

For a VPS hosting plan at a price below $20.00 USD/month, we don't offer any extra IPv4 address....

Can my IPv4/IPv6 address be reversed?

Yes. Please submit a ticket, and we will set reverse DNS for it.

Can you offer an IP address for ping, traceroute and speed tests to your VPS hosting?

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Do you oversell VPS hosting?

No. We limit the number of VPS hosting on each server, for guaranteeing that enough available...