When will I receive the details about my VPS hosting after I pay for an order?

Generally your VPS hosting will be set up instantly after we receive your payment, and an email with details will be sent to you. If you can't see it in Inbox folder of your email box, you may check Spam/Bulk email folder. If you can't receive any email from our company, you may login Client Portal of our site and read the email on Email History page.

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Can I get extra IPv4 addresses?

For a VPS hosting plan at a price below $20.00 USD/month, we don't offer any extra IPv4 address....

Do you offer dedicated servers?

No, we don't offer dedicated servers. We only offer VPS hosting.

Do you offer managed services?

No, we do not offer managed services.

Where can I check how much bandwidth I have used?

You may check bandwidth in Virtualizor Panel.

Can I get more IPv6 addresses?

If you want more IPv6 addresses, please submit a ticket.