East Hsia LLC has been dedicated to the service of virtual private servers based on KVM technology since 2013.

We have a long-term partnership with Hurricane Electric. Our servers are located in Hurricane Fremont 1 datacenter.

We attach importance to the reliability, convenience and functionality of VPS hosting service. Non-overselling is our principle for VPS hosting service.

East Hsia LLC
1155 F Street NW, Suite 1050
Washington, DC 20004

Phone: (202) 888 3160

Fax: (202) 888 3161

Contact us via our ticket system

Pre-Sales Advice

If you have any question about our services, feel free to ask.

Technical Support

If you want to get technical support for your VPS, please log in our client portal and open a ticket.

Abuse Prevention

If your find any VPS hosts illegal contents, please report it to us. We will handle it as soon as possible.